Tips for a better night sleep while travelling

I am currently staying in New York – and its safe to say that New York is a hell of a lot busier than suburb in Melbourne which I live! Things are really different and it can be challenging to get to (and then stay) asleep – a. you’re in a strange bed and b. you’re in a different time zone.

So here is a few little tips if you that may help you get a better night sleep.

1. Make you room as dark as possible – the room I am currently staying in has one of those ipod alarm clocks and the amount of light that it emits lights up the room, so I suggest unplugging it or covering it with a t-shirt or jumper. The same goes for phones and windows and doors.

2. Wear ear plugs – the noise from the street (especially in NY) is crazy, even at night. Taxi drivers continuously tooting horns and throw in the occasionally ambulances, police cars and fire trucks sirens – can leave you frequently waking up. Ear plugs can help block out a lot of that noise.

3. Sleeping tablets – now I am not a huge fan of prescribed sleeping tablets – but things like Valerian root, ZMA (Zinc Magnesium) or any other natural sleeping aids can help.

4. Getting a little exercise – it is hard to find time to hit the gym when you’re at home – as it can when your away – but even a brief 30 minute workout or head off for a walk can make a difference when it is time the hit the sack.

5. Remembering what you put in your mouth – skip the dessert – way too much sugar, will upset your blood sugar levels (not ideal if your wanting a good night sleep) as is skipping the coffee after dinner – you really should not consume caffeine after 3pm.

Hope some of these help you as they have definitely helped me.

- Anthony

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