Training for your brain

How often do you forget things like birthdays, anniversaries, someone’s name or where you left your keys? Are these early signs of Alzheimer’s? Probably not but maybe you should think about training – yeah that’s right brain training.

Research has shown that our brains need continual stimulation in order to maintain proper function – you have heard the saying use it or lose it, well it is definitely applicable here. Therefore it is critical that we train our brains. Brain training is something that we pretty much stop doing once we finish up our schooling / university – we go from learning new things pretty much all the time too just going through the motions.

Brain training is simple – you may decide to read, write, take quizzes, solve maths problems, and do crosswords or Sudoku. You may wish to be slightly more adventurous and learn a new language, musically instrument or counting cards (for blackjack).  There are also heaps of games and brain teasers online to that may interest you. I found this website:

It is also good to know that our brains require energy to function – so the more you think the more power you brain uses the more calories you will burn – how good is that!

-          Anthony

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