When a client hires a Personal Trainer they have a goal in mind. Usually, clients want to lose body fat, increase muscle mass or just generally look and feel better. We work with our clients to develop a plan that will allow them to achieve their goals. The road is not always smooth, but we constantly measure and make changes to our clients programs to work in with the challenges they face.

Transformations are more than just training, to achieve great results you take a holistic approach. You must get your nutrition and sleep right, we must learn to manage cortisol (our stress hormone) levels.

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Laura is a Uni student who was slaving away completing endless hours on the treadmill and crosstrainer. We took Laura away from the cardio and into the weights area of the gym. Not only did she achieve a fantastic transformation, she also successfully rehabbed a knee and made some big changes to her posture. Laura completed 1 – 2 sessions per week depending on study work load.

Train smarter, not harder.



Goal: Reduce Body fat %

Samara had been training solo for around 6 months prior to starting with us. While being very consistant, the same old routine was not getting her results. We started with our Assessment and 2 One on One training sessions per week, yes we tweaked her diet, however, it was not super strict. These photos were only 2 weeks apart.

The right exercises for you.



Busy Mum of one – 10 week Transformation

Goal: Reduce Body fat %
Sara didn’t just want to do lose weight – she wanted to get into amazing shape. Understanding Personal Training is a luxury we worked with Sara for one Private training session per week and provide her with a personalised training program for 2 – 3 other days per week. In 10 weeks Sara transformed her body and confidence.

Following the plan