Trying to eat well while away

I am writing this blog almost one week into my three week work / vacation in the USA. America is the land of fast food and there is no shortage of it around – it’s actually really crazy to see how many fast food outlets there are; in smaller towns not just the cities. LA is super crazy though – with 15+ in the space of 2 blocks.

In an ideal world I would be staying in an apartment that has a kitchen – where I could of buy meat and groceries and cook my own food – unfortunately that’s not the case and my hotel room does have a fridge and microwave – so that’s not really an option. So here is a few tips for eating the best you can while your away.

1. Remember your metabolic type and try to eat accordingly – it is really easy if you’re a carb or mixed type, a little hard for protein types (I normally order double meat – but I don’t have to do that here).

2. Remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! If you start you day eating CRAP foods – chances are your whole day is going to follow. It is not difficult to eat a right ratio breakfast in any country – eggs, bacon, etc.

3. Remember to keep your water intake up – water is vital to the body. Click here to find out more about the roles water. Water will play a vital role in detoxifying your system. You body is already under stress from travel, food etc don’t add dehydration to that.

4. Go for freshly prepared food as oppose to pre-made sandwiches-, wraps and buffets – because you don’t know how long that food has been sitting there – and they are usually ideal breeding ground for parasites that will make you sick.

5. Don’t forget you supplements – fish oil / omega 3’s and multi vitamins (if you take one) can help lessen the burden of not eating optimally.

It is extremely difficult to eat perfect at the best of times let alone when you are travelling, but if you follow these steps you will definitely make lessen the stress on your system.

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