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The debate about ‘are organic food is better for you?’ has bubbled along for many years. In the past it was not also easy to get your hands on organic produce – which meant it took days and sometime weeks to get organics into the lab to run tests, meaning the results were never to accurate.

It use to be a trip to the market was the only way to get your hands on organic produce, but today we find that organics are now popping up in more and more – and they are even finding their way into supermarkets.

It is no longer just organic fruits and vegetables but now when can also purchase organic meat, eggs and dairy.

There are many reasons why I believe that organic products are the way to go:

It is better for you:
You are what you eat. Organic food is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers – and farmers need to obtain and adhere to strict certification standards to market their foods as organic.

Organic foods have higher levels primary nutrient such as water, fibre, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, and lower levels of toxicity. In numerous studies organics have been shown to contain around 40% more antioxidants.

Organic crops have higher nutrient levels than non organic crops

Mineral        All Organic % Difference
Vitamin C            +22.7%
Iron                     +17.2%
Calcium                +30.8%
Phosphorous     +12.5%
Sodium                 +19.6%
Potassium           +14.1%
Magnesium         +24.4%

When you begin to look at how conventional farms rear cattle, pigs and poultry – from how these animals are kept, what they are fed and the animal’s state of health is really scary. These farms are factories; the animals are packed into enclosures so tight that they cannot even move.  It is in the farmers best interested to fatten these animals up as fast as possible; and to achieve this they fed them the cheapest nasties feed along with growth hormones and antibiotics so the animals don’t get sick. (Is it any wonder humans are become resistant to antibiotics – your eating them at every meal!)

Organic meat comes from livestock that is generally fed a healthy diet, free of antibiotics and without the use of growth hormones. They are usually free range, meaning the can walk around their paddocks.

It is better for the environment:
Conventional farming is destroying the environment – with the consistent use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, farmers are ruining the soil, polluting waterways and our water supply.  And it only get worse – as each year goes by – more and more of these chemicals are sprayed due to the loss of nutrients in the soil therefore less nutrients in the crops (and our food!).

Organic farming improves our ecosystem by not using chemical pesticides or fertilizers, therefore not polluting waterways and water supplies. Organic farmers use crop rotation, tillage, hand weeding, cover crops and mulches to control weeds not toxic sprays. Their farming methods are superior to convention methods and so are their products.

This ended up being a little longer than I originally planned – sorry about that. I hope it helps you in the future to choose organic produce, meats and poultry. I did leave out the taste factor, but once you have tried it – you will never go back.

- Anthony

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