Why situps wont give you a flat stomach or a ripped 6 pack

This is a follow up to an earlier blog / article of mine Training Myths – the Abdominals.

fitness66If completing 100’s of sit ups per day meant you would have a flat stomach or ripped wash board 6 pack then why the hell hasn’t everyone got one. All we would need is the old Ab roller that I know you bought in the 90’s – I admit I bought one (and it didn’t work for me then and I smashed out 100’s of those bad boys every night). But sadly the results that I was promised eluded me – should I buy the new improved model? (Sarcasm – just in case you weren’t sure)

If you read my previous blog – you now know that the Rectus Abdominis (6 pack) muscle is actually a fast twitch muscle – which means it responds better to higher resistance and less repetitions – yes less repetitions! So doing 100’s of sit ups is pointless – because you are training these fast powerful muscles like they are endurance muscles – which in all likely hood is going to screw up you low back (but I don’t have time to go into that right now).

Everyone has a 6 pack – it’s just that most of the time there is a layer of fat sitting over the abdominals which is hiding it. Unfortunately as I am sure you know sit ups will not spot reduce your the fat around your midsection – and please don’t think that more cardio is going to be the answer. If you want a flat stomach or 6 pack you are going to need to change what you eat (I normally say shovel into your gob – but I thought I should be a bit nicer).

Most people’s diets are terrible – most people eat way too much processed foods. Foods containing high amounts of white flour, white sugar, sodium chloride (which it white table salt) all of which really should be called empty calorie non foods. These foods upset your blood sugar levels and put you into fat storage mode – and the fat happens to end up in the same area all of those sit-ups target!

White flour (and most other grains except for buckwheat, millet, corn and rice) contains gluten which is protein that is hard to digest. Gluten can cause problems in the intestines starting from bloating and may lead to more serious conditions like IBS or leaky gut syndrome. It is interesting to note that your intestines sit directly under your abdominals and if they are bloated you will not have a flat stomach or 6 pack.

So if you want a flat stomach or ripped 6 pack – 1. Change your diet and 2. Train you abdominals properly.


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