Why you’re no longer getting results (Part 1). 1

You have been training for a while now, you have made some good gains but you’re not seeing the same results you once were. I can think of thousands of reasons why this is happening and I will show you how to you can change it.

1.    Your exercise program needs an update (and its probably crap too). I see the same people day in day out busting their asses in the gym, doing the same program I have seen them doing for the last 5 years!!! Change your program, change your exercises, changes the weights, change your rep range… do I need to go on? Once you have done the same workout 6-12 times your body has made an adaptation to it, you will no longer get any muscle soreness, because the shock from that program is gone.
Periodisation is a word you should become familiar with. Work in a specific training phase, for a certain period of time.  At a minimum you should change your routine every 4-6 weeks. Work on Strength Phase, Hypertrophy Phase (getting bigger muscles), Power phase or even an endurance phase. Change it up!!!

2.    The food you consume. People are simply letting themselves down with the foods they consume… the scary part is that these people are following a diet that “experts” say is healthy. My advice to you: get yourself metabolically typed, get the diet plan that is best suited to you! Find out what ratios of protein, carbs and fat you should consume and follow it! Please stop eating your cereal or toast for breakfast…

I could go on and on but I might leave it there for today and give you time to take it all in.

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