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Work life balance is something we all wish we could better control . Many people are spending way too much time at work and not spending enough time enjoying and living their lives. I often talk about “working smarter not harder” and that theme seems to go hand in hand with work life balance

Has work taken over your life?

scales2If you’re serious about improving your work life balance – now is the time to do it. But we are going to have to make some changes – changes to the way you work, your mindset and your thought processors.

Here are my Top 5 ways to a better work life balance:

Hit the off button – did you know that your mobile, blackberry and computers all have off switches? Turn them off! You don’t still need to be answering calls or replying to emails all hours of the day, night or on weekends. When you leave work turn off your work switch and enjoy the free time.

Time management – better time management is probably the best ways to restore work life balance. Get yourself organised. By utilising a diary or a planning chart at work and running your tasks through filters, you keep on top of the all the tasks that to be completed and help you restore so order into the work place.

Put yourself first – it may sound selfish, but if you don’t no one else will. If something is really important to you like exercising, spending time with your kids or taking them to sport – then you have to do it and have to make time for it.

Get social – Rediscover your social life. It may be heading out for dinner or a few drinks or just catching up with some friends. Spending time with people whose company you enjoy  is a great way to restore balance.

Book yourself a holiday – go away for a week or two. Relax recovery and recharge. Getting away from it all – having a holiday travelling or visiting somewhere new is your opportunity to tip the work life balance well and truly in favour of life.

There you have it – all work and no play, isn’t the life I want to live. So if you’re feeling in need of a little rebalancing or a total overhaul – try my top 5 sure fire ways to improve your work life balance.
– Anthony

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