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With everything that is going on in the world today, it seems like everyone (who still has a job) has to now work a little harder.  There is still the same amount of work to do but with less people around to do it. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to do spend any extra time at work – I want a life too. I believe in one rule “work smarter not harder.” I know it is a common phrase that is thrown around but not enough people embrace it – because to work smarter not harder actually requires some thought.

Way to many people I meet live to work, instead of working to live – life is too short to be stuck behind a desk, wouldn’t you prefer to travel, play golf and shop till you drop. We don’t want to end up like Arnie in Total Recall – having a virtual holiday implanted in our memories (sorry about the 90’s movie reference and pic).total_recall

If you are ready to embrace working smarter not harder, there are several pre-requisites. We have to know:

  • What the goals are
  • What needs to be done
  • What we are currently doing
  • And have a desire to change and improve the way things are done

Making changes can be hard, I know – people get stuck in their old ways and old habits. But working smarter is all about being efficient.  To be efficient you need to take responsibility and be accountable for you actions – no excuses, the buck stops with you. There is never enough time to do everything – so you need to choose what is important and do that! Stop procrastinating, close Google, logout of facebook, these are nothing more than distractions and will not help your efficiency – get off your backside and make it happen.

Time is money – so your time is valuable, there are only so many hours in the day – you cannot afford to waste it. Try blocking out times in your diary – dedicate times to attacking to the chores on your to do list. Remember to filter your tasks. Another rule “Do it once and do it properly!”  Then you will get some free time to do whatever the hell you want.

Make sure you are look after the fundamentals of health – like what you eating, getting enough exercise, drinking lots of water and a good night’s sleep. Working smarter not harder can be applied to all aspects of your life.

-    Anthony

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